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UPWOOD multiplier event in Austria:Insights

In our webinar, we presented to the participants the Do's and Don't's on a timber construction site as well as a range of training opportunities for different trades. We also presented the results of our Erasmus+ project UPWOOD with extensive documentation for further training, which we can now make available to you.

What the planner means and the builder understands
Smooth construction processes, high-quality implementation and targeted communication between the various trades are fundamental for a satisfactory construction result and thus key factors for bringing timber construction further into the mainstream. Supported by sustainability goals and technical innovations, ever-larger construction projects made of wood are being implemented internationally. Despite the high potential of timber construction, it is still considered a niche product in the building sector. The level of knowledge of the workers involved in the construction is often not comprehensive enough to guarantee a smooth construction process and quality implementation of timber construction projects.

Daniela Koppelhuber presented the "Do's and Dont's" on the timber construction site from her experience as a project manager and employee in research projects. She emphasized that timber construction requires a high level of detail at an early stage in the planning phase. The fact that even the common language between planner and builder is lacking shows how complex the problems of the construction process can be. Often outdated or colloquial terms are used, leading to misunderstandings and mistakes. Therefore, ALL participants of a timber construction site are required to expand their knowledge!

Documents are available for you
The Holzcluster Steiermark as an interface between politics, companies and research tries to work on open questions of the timber construction sector in research projects and to spread them with the help of further education measures. At the closing event of the erasmus+ project UPWOOD, we were able to present the project results and other initiatives in Austria that were dedicated to the topic of continuing education in wood construction.

There is a consensus that even after successful completion of training, in-service training and the expansion of corresponding offers are becoming increasingly important. Therefore the project UPWOOD pursued also the goal of new learning documents to compile and freely make available. Visit the project website or contact us directly and find out about the learning content on offer!


The diversity in construction

In order to be prepared for the future as a master carpenter, the initiative "Best of Holzbau" was formed in Salzburg with the participation of the Holzcluster Salzburg and the FH Salzburg in order to further develop the training and to be able to offer adequate further training program. A special feature of this is that the courses completed can also be credited for training as a master carpenter or for academic training. The aim is to encourage even more employees in the timber construction sector to take part in further training.

In the field of technical building equipment, it is also important to keep pace with the constant developments in timber construction. Bernd Nusser from Holzforschung Austria reported on the research project TGA in timber construction and the subsequent qualification seminar of the same name. He was able to show in detail the neuralgic points in timber construction and how to protect oneself against damage. Again important learning contents which should be spread about further training measures.

Support us

Our concern is to establish knowledge about wood as a building material in the education and training programs also throughout Europe and therefore we ask you to support our Erasmus+ project UPWOOD and sign our online petition!

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Our managing director Christian Tippelreither welcomes the participant to our UPWOOD event „timber construction – a how-to!“

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